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Jasmine Fowler—motherless daughter of a dirt-poor South Carolina mill worker—is simple in every way. Juliet Jenson—beloved British actress—is everything Jasmine hopes to be the moment before she looks in the mirror and remembers who she actually is.

Under normal circumstances, their paths would never cross. But circumstances are far from normal as World War II finds London. Juliet is sent to safety across the Atlantic just as Jasmine is sent to an opportunity for a better life across the country. The young women’s worlds collide on a Los Angeles film set, where Jasmine quickly meets the real Juliet—unwanted, unloved, and twice abandoned.

As their pasts threaten their futures, Jasmine and Juliet must decide if they will be defined by the opinions they hold of themselves, or if they will fight to overcome who they have always been in order to become who they were always meant to be.

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